Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fifteen minutes before I need to be fully engaged with ten different things

I really suck at this blogging thing, at least this one. But since WHYB is still ostensibly on hiatus, a few observations.

I don't want an iPad.

I do want the new iPhone.

What I want is silly.

The populations of the Festival of Faith and Writing and of AWP are vastly different.

I could happily start a new press or journal every year. But for now I'll stick with the ones I have.

I'm the new editor-in-chief of Rock & Sling, a journal of literature, art, and faith. That seems weird to me, but I'm getting used to it. Writers reading this, please send me some work.

Some days my happiness depends on the success of the Seattle Mariners. Some days that doesn't work out so well.

My reliance on a baseball team for happiness is clearly a lack of faith. That happens. Old habits.

I hate grading papers, and am very good at avoiding them.

I steal an "In case of emergency landing" card from every airplane I fly on. I have quite a collection.

I like flying less and less. On the way home from Grand Rapids, I envisioned the wing ripping off the plane at various elevations, and my odds of surviving, which were almost always nil.

It's too nice out for me to be sitting here doing this.

Blogs are ridiculous.

I wrote a few small poems in the last few weeks. I blame the boredom of sitting at bookfair tables and being next door to Inch at AWP. Here's one:


I've never been,
but I'd like to.

Missouri. Missouri.